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Trans AM XGT Race Cars

Trans Am XGT Race cars, what are they? The CEI developed XGT cars are a great entry to the Trans Am Road race series. These cars are powered by “Cup “engines. The Camaros use Chevrolet RO7 NASCAR engines, while the Mustangs use FR9 NASCAR engines. The Chassis is a 5 year development, meant to blend state of the art technology with affordable and repeatable manufacturing. Chassis are made in Portland, Oregon, by the same fabricators and designers that build high tech semi conductor manufacturing pedestals. Every CEI built race car comes with precision, and reliability designed and built in.

The rearend is a Ford 9 inch, utilizing a locker style differential. The rear suspension is a simple but robust 3 link design. Rear suspension development comes from many years of experience and finding the weak points in race series such as ARCA, K&N, and TA2. The Cooling system is a simple but innovative design that helps cool the cars in extreme conditions.

The 18 inch wheel and tire combo allows the cars to utilize the large Alcon brakes now on the market. These brakes are the same brakes you find on the latest and fastest TA1 cars. The square tire setup offers drivers more mechanical grip then they are used to in most road race cars of this level.

The CEI XGT race cars are a columniation of several companies coming together, to build the race car they want, rather then be given what is available to them. Cars are simple, clean, and reliable.


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