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Performance and Factory Alignment

For years we have done alignments on both our track and race cars. These suspension setups and alignments have won numerous races and a couple of competitive championships. More recently, due to demand in our ever expanding service department, we have invested in a state of the art John Bean Alignment machine provided by Snap On tools.

Having done "string alignments" for years, we were a bit skeptical about lasers, for safety reasons, and accuracy. Fortunately for us, the lasers didn't burn us or remove hair, and proved to be very accurate. In the past we had demo tested alignment machines and were unimpressed. Repeat-ability and accuracy seemed to be lacking when doing a BMW Alignment. This is no longer a factor, and to prove it, Snap On Tools gave us a machine to take to the rack track with us for several race weekends. After the second race weekend, we were sold.

Unlike your local alignment shop, we don't just set it "Green and let it Go". We follow manufacture specifications for use, and proper alignment. This means for BMW we use weights in the drivers seat to simulate a driver, and also weights to simulate the proper fuel tank level. Great care is taken to maximize the performance of the alignment, not just get it within factory range, which on some vehicles can be quite a sweep. Our alignments will improve mileage, tire wear, and safety. More important though, the alignment will optimize your fun to drive factor, which is why you bought the BMW in the first place, although the Dodge Caravan was a close second...

Along with the proper turning of nuts and bolts and other things we find under there that we can get our sockets on, we also state of the art scan tools. These tools are pivotal for resetting steering angle sensors and other alignment related sensors and systems. Modern Vehicles have many driving aids in incorporated, and this should always be check, adjusted and calibrated after a four wheel alignment.

Come see us out for a free alignment check on your BMW or Porsche today!


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