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Another Dodson Dual Clutch Upgrade

We have finally developed a reliable, consistent dual clutch service and install program. We are able to install and repair most DCT units in your modern Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini or Mercedes. This service, unlike normal clutch service, requires a diverse range of tools. These tools range from custom made fixture and case jigs to factory level programers and diagnotics tools. Most DCT units are considered non-servicable, which means one internal sensor fails, and the traditional fix is to purcahse a complete transmission which can be in excess of 20k. We pride ourselves on the craftsmen ship and attention to detail that it takes to service these units.

If you have aftermarket needs and are running higher horsepower levels than stock, a Dodson Clutch upgrade is the only answer. When needed Dodson will custom build a clutch setup for your needs and application.

For a few years we were hampered by being able to easily create enough horsepower to destroy stock clutch units. A simple tune on an F-series M5 can exceed what your stock clutch is capable of. Now, there is no excuse for not making the power your modern sports car is capable of. Whether its a stock worn out clutch that you need replaced or repaired, or higher power levels causing you headaches, we are here to assist you.

Also due to our investment in programming and electronic diagnostic tools, we can assist with reprogramming of transmissions and clutches. We extend this service to many local shops that do repairs or replace clutches as well since the cost of the tools is quite expensive.

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