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BMW F30 Collision Repair

Recently a Client was in a "Fender Bender" That left the front bumper, hood, radiator and core support damaged. Our collision refinishing shop, and Automotive service shop were able to do the necessary repairs and update the car at the same time. We can help assist in the Insurance claims process and turn your mild collision repair into a cost effective upgrade. Many aftermarket and performance parts fall with in the price range of OEM and thus we can repair and upgrade with little to no out of cost to you, the enthusiasts.

BMW bumper repair

We will chronicle just a few things, but the most noticeable difference is that the car utilizes a Kies Motorsports "M conversion Kit" This means the front bumper, the rear bumper, side skirts and fenders were all changed for a more aggressive look. The finished product looks great and really adds an aggressive look to an otherwise mild 335i. This kit can be viewed here:

BMW Bumper painting

A Carbon fiber hood was also added. The hood was painted body color to match. The center bulge was tinted to showcase the carbon weave, without looking like its trying to hard.

BMW Carbon Fiber

The Factory plastic inter-cooler was damaged during the collision, this gave us the opportunity to update to a VRSF inter-cooler and charge pipe setup. This is a great performance update, but also proves to be more reliable than the factory plastic inter-cooler tanks and and charge pipes. While adequate for normal driving conditions, these plastic pieces fail under stress related to performance upgrades and driving.