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ST5 GT Composite -3XL (64), brand new, open box special. This is an awesome helmet, fully loaded, and a 2019, discounted for end of the year. This helmet was over 1400.00 to put together.


Head size is 64cm. Helmet is wired with ear muffs, and GTNX boom mic


  • ST5 GT Comp -3XL 64 SN15, $(912)

  • Electric Kit, buds, and muffs, with GTNX boom Mic ($305)

  • IMSA to Stilo Adapter harness ($63.00)

  • ST5 top air intake ($119.00)

  • Drink Kit ($30.00)

  • Hans Post ($55.00)

Stilo ST5 XXXL Helmet

$1,421.00 Regular Price
$999.00Sale Price